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Model Number : MPC10
ENVIPRO  Multi -Purpose  Cleaner  that  practically  replaces  all  heavy  toxic  chemical Cleaning & Washing   liquid solutions commonly used at home. Produced from 100% Natural ingredients using their unique nano-technology processes, ENVIPRO is the only brand capable of achieving Food Grade quality making it the safest to use yet Effective  and Affordable. Complete with  necessary Lab Test Reports supported by local certifications from SIRIM.
Apart  from  protecting  our  family  from  continuously  using  harmful  toxic  petrochemical  liquid solutions  switching  over  to  safer  alternatives  would  not only  improve  the  general  health  of  your entire  family,  but  also  protect our  eco-system  (being  100%  biodegradable)  &  environmentally friendly for our future generations. 


  • Comes in 5.0 Litres content => Customer can choose to re-bottle into recycle containers with varying strength for different applications. 
  • Stronger for stubborn stains, Oil/ grease and lighter for cleaning glass & windows.
-  Effectively cleans most floor surfaces including plastic, metals, cups & dishes including cooking utensils.
-  Healthy skins, reduce allergy.
-  Non-toxic food grade.
NOT suitable for:-
  • As detergent / softener for washing machine use.
  • Personal care products (Face, Body & Hair care).