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Model Number : CF3403
West Malaysia : RCP RM 2,435.00

Installment Payment Available 

West Malaysia RM 76 (60 months) / East Malaysia RM 83 (60 months)

FREE VOUCHER: West Malaysia RM75 / East Malaysia RM95

Ideal for business use and suitable for larger families as well (it allows for storage of large amount of frozen food for longer period of time).
Comes with a mechanical thermostat and adjustable temperature control for easy setting according to the load (amount of food stored).

  • East Malaysia: RCP RM2,690

*East Malaysia customer, please contact nearest SINGER branch for orders, purchases and enquiries.

  • Direct Cooling System
  • With Basket
  • Corrosion Resistant Cabinet
  • White-Coated Inner Liner
  • Built-in Lock
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • With Water Drainage & Plug-in hole
  • Capacity : 430 Litres
  • Power Consumption : 2.53 kw.h/24h 
  • Weight (Gross / Net) : 60 / 53 Kg 
  • Gross Dimension (WxDxH): 140.0 x 78.0 x 88.5 (cm)
  • Treated Body Cabinet
    - Long lasting protection against moisture & corrosion.
  • Built-in Lock
    - To ensure privacy, for security purpose to prevent theft /pilferage.
  • With Basket
    - Easy to separately store different foods.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
    - To regulate temperature setting for various frozen foods at different load conditions.
  • With Water Drainage & Plug-in Hole
    - To easily drain out unwanted water during cleaning.
  • Keep different food; seafood, ice-cream, preserved dried food, frozen & fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Ideal storage capacity for small businesses & home use.
  • Effective at deep freezing, sometimes even for making ice.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Energy efficient, require little maintenance.
  • Inner body should be periodically cleaned for hygiene & reduce ice formation.
  • Built-in lock to prevent theft/ pilferage.
  • The basket is useful for specific storage of small packages and / or if intended for immediate use.