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Sunny summer influences
December 30,2014

Earlier in the month of August this year, Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company and Singer Malaysia launched a contest called "patches of Summer". The unique initiative, which ran for just about a month, invited participants to compete in a patchwork sewing stint.

The contest leveraged on Starbusk's summer campaign, reminiscent of bright, bold and lively colours. The unique hues of the campaign gave inspiration to the contest's theme. Managing director of Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sydney Quays said, "This year, Starbucks' Say Yes Summer Campaign artwork featured a unique yet artistic design of swirls. From there, we were inspired and motivated to explore and exclusive summer contest."

Quays also explained that this is what Starbucks is about - "serving the best coffee and providing third space to customers, between home and the work place". He also said that the company looks for creative and innovative ways to connect with the community and this time, it wantedto cultivate the interest in quilting. "Besides, we also wanted to inspire people to express their creativity and ignite their passion for this activity or hobby," he added.

Grand prize winner Tiew Sim May was thrilled on the announcement at the prize-giving ceremony. She said "My mother is a tailor and she gave me all her balance material to come up with my patchwork design. I pieced a few designs together and decided to go with the one which bore the brightest colours that expressed Starbucks' summer campaign."

Managing Director of Singer Malaysia Yeap Dein Wah also spoke of his amazement on seeing how a simple Singer sewing machine can transform creative ideas into beautifully sewn masterpieces. Happy on partnering Starbucks in this initiative, he said, "Now, the winners will get to enjoy Starbucks coffee and at the same time, enjoy their sewing on their brand new Singer sewing machine... definitely a refreshing and exciting experience for them altogether."