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January 23,2015

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 (Bernama) -- Felda settlers in Temerloh and remote areas of Pahang were not spared from the recent flood that hit the East Coast of Malaysia. Most of Singer customers in Pahang are living in Felda settlement, and badly affected by the flood
Singer Malaysia in its second round of CSR efforts, giveaway 250 packs of goodies worth more than RM100,000 to customers who are located in Felda settlement of Pahang. The goodies consist of basic necessity such as blanket, water bottle, basic cooking pot and dinnerware.
One of the customers, Mohd Saidi bin Latif from Kg Gonghalt, Kuala Kurau, related their story, “In less than 3 days of continuous rain, the flood water rose to rooftop level, and we were made homeless without food and water for 10 days. My youngest daughter who is Form 3 this year, lost all the new school book and uniform. Most of the things in our house were damaged, and only 10% of the items can be reuse after washing off the mud and dirt. We need to start buying all the items again, and I am thankful to Singer for contributing to our needs and ease our burden.”

Another couple, Azman bin Ishak and his wife Ridani, both hailed from Chenor, told us, “When the floor water first entered our lower grounds, we quickly packed all the important documents and the schooling items for our children, made a quick move to our relative house who are located in higher grounds. Eight days after the floodwater receded, we returned home to find our house were fully covered with mud right up till rooftop. Our walls were cracked, in shoddy condition and unsafe for stay anymore. We are now renting house temporarily while waiting for repair works to be done on our house. I have 5 children and the new schooling session has just started, it is going to be a slow start for us to get back to our normal life. We are grateful for Singer’s contribution and remembering us, the customers especially during our difficult times.”

Mr Yeap Dein Wah, Managing Director of Singer Malaysia said, “We are just doing our small bit to reach out and help our customers during their difficult times. This time, we have identified most of our flood victim customers in Pahang are living in Felda settlement. We hoped that this small contribution would motivate them to rebuild their lives once again.”
All in, Singer Malaysia contributed a total of 750 packs of goodies worth more than RM280,000 to support our customers in Kelantan and Temerloh.

As Singer’s motto sings, “Singer Your Friend for Life”, we treat our customers like a friend, and help them in times need. It has been a tough journey for our customers who were made homeless by the flood, we hope to give them some support and hope as they pick up the shattered pieces and move on in their lives. 

Singer is a well-established brand in Malaysia for more than a century, and it has been providing comfortable lifestyle to consumers for generations through its quality products and flexible payment scheme. Moving into new era, Singer consistently innovates itself to enhance its brand loyalty to both the ‘offline’ and ‘online’ consumers. As the tagline goes, ‘Singer Your Friend for Life’, Singer always strives to bring affordable living to consumers situated at every corners of Malaysia.