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Gas Stove/ Regulator
90cm Chimney Hood
Model Number : CH2119
West Malaysia : RCP RM1,395
East Malaysia : RCP RM1,550

We are pleased to introduce our first 90cm Chimney Hood under Singer, model CH2119. Chimney hood removes smoke, steam and odours from your kitchen so you can cook in comfort. It can also protect the cabinets and walls above your cooking surfaces from discolouration and damage.

Double Burner Gas Hoob
Model Number : GH201G
For the most basic set-up for your kitchen built-in cabinet, this durable yet stylish Singer gas hob is the perfect complements the décor of your kitchen.
Double Burner Gas Cooker
Model Number : GS100EB

The gas cooker cooks food faster due to flame heating sides as well as the bottom of the pans.


Double Burner Gas Stove
Model Number : GS888SP
Let us start making your cooking experience more pleasurable and delightful. Using a gas stove to do cooking gives an instant and constant flame. 
Model Number : GS900SP
Double Burner Jet Gas Cooker
Model Number : HGT217J
For the most basic set-up or for your wet kitchen, this durable yet affordable Singer gas cooker is the perfect complement that makes cooking a pleasurable experience.